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Creating with the heart and Building with the mind.

Welcome to my new-looking and updated Web site developed on the latest platform. Over the past few months, I’ve worked to streamline my present website to give you better web experience with an additional objective to build and roll out a site that can accommodate future growth. As you’ve noticed, the menu has been drastically simplified, allowing faster browsing. In addition, I’ve added several new features:


This new site has undergone considerable structural changes, which involved consolidating and adding sections and moving pages.

The improvements to the Web site are designed to help visitors quickly find all the information and resources that I offer online and offline. In the future, more tools will be added to provide you better web experience and services.


Best Wishes,

Suryanarayana SV

Hyderabad, India




I have been rendering services to several Corporates, Business Owners, Working Executives, Professionals and Students in various capacities with multifarious activities and diverse exercises. I have unstinted flair for teaching and training and has been always on the look out for opportunities to serve the needy.

I have rich experience of over 45 years in various cultural, vocational and educational activities starting from presentations in Radio, TV and live public presentations in training programmes, workshops, seminars, conferences, professional meetings and so forth., on topics ranging from Communication skills to Motivation & Mentor programmes intended for Corporate Executives, Professionals and Students.

I am proud to be an Author, Consultant,  Director, Rotarian and Trainer.

I live in Hyderabad, India.

Hyderabad, India

Aim To Be More, Not Less

Thinking big and act big without focusing on what others would think makes me accomplish big.

CoverPage2-Self Motivation 111 Book.jpg

      Self MOTIVATION 111              Book (Paperback) and eBook  motivates you to overcome your fears and get on with life seeking satisfaction with success in everything that you do. 


 Author and Self publisher  Suryanarayana SV owns and maintains Catalogue  containing list of  books, eBooks, resources etc.,


The Successful Professional  Possesses CREATIVITY  Kindle book contains Essentials, Resources and Quotes to think positively, work productively and live persuasively. 


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