Practising Company Secretary



Company Secretarial and Company Law Services

I am a certified and qualified Company Secretary holding Certificate Of Practice and Fellow Membership of The Institute Of Company Secretaries Of India.
I have been guide to an assortment of corporates be it Private Limited company or Public Limited organization or Stock Exchange Listed company or One Person company or Government organization which are registered under the provisions of the Indian Companies Act and Rules made there-under
I help on a variety of issues starting from development of new Company and get them enrolled as startup to departure.
My services are engaged and locked in by the Companies or by the working Directors of the Companies to guarantee compliances of Companies Act and Rules just as statutory prerequisites including readiness of Annual reporting of Financial Statements, Annual returns and different reports with the Registrar of Companies, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India and with other administrative bodies, keeping up statutory registers, overseeing to aid Board Meetings, Board Committee Meetings, General Meetings run in right order,and regulating corporate administration issues.


Limited Liability Partnerships

A Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), incorporated under the Limited Liability Partnership Act, is a perfect vehicle to set up or proceed as business in the style of a partnership, instead of operating as a company, but, like a company, the business is incorporated and gets the benefit of limited liability. A LLP can be changed over as Company and the other way around. I have been a correct professional to connect with for this kind of engagements.


Business Start-Up With New Company

I have been counselor to new businesses as a legitimate body. I have been helping new startups by shaping as new Company or Limited Liability Partnership. Directing everything else from the season of enrolling as legitimate substance set up and prepared to go is the responsibility taken by me as a careful expert.


Addon new Business as Group Company


Addon new Business as Group Company

My direction and administrations are stretched out to existing registered Companies or LLPs which may get a kick out of the chance to include new Business as new element as a group Company.






Companies are required, by law, to keep up different statutory records. I can do a review of all records to both to give the Company Directors included certainty that they are right and agree to every single lawful necessity and to exhort on potential enhancements. I have aptitude to take-up mandatory Secretarial Audit to certain classification of Companies. Many companies got benefited by actualizing voluntary compliance certificate / secretarial audit by me that helps Companies/Directors/Key Managerial Persons to deal with their individual responsibilities on right way and to avoid overwhelming penalties  and punishments.


 Computerisation and


Small and medium Companies have been refreshing and actualizing Company Secretarial offices whether as a piece of authoritative system or free frameworks. My guidance as an external expert is being benefited to oversee work process, checking and rectification angles. To the extent big Companies are concerned, Legal compliance bundles are utilized or in-house ERP framework is incorporated with Secretarial office and its functionaries, all planned for making crafted by keeping up Company's statutory records quicker and progressively effective. As a veteran expert with intensive learning on advanced information and documentation, I have been ready to assist the Companies with periodical short visits to give hands on train to the Company Executives and Directors.


Training Directors, Company Secretaries



Chiefs of Indian corporate have an enormous scope of lawful duties. Corporate administration rules require Company Directors of registered organizations to get preparing. Company Secretary in whole-time employment and Secretarial Executives may need to expand his/her organization secretarial information and side by side with update. I can tailor a program to meet the particular needs of Company Directors, qualified Company Secretaries and Secretarial staff. The program may cover issues, for example, Company secretarial/Company law issues and preparing Directors on their obligations, duties and liabilities.


Corporate Governance

The point of good corporate governance is to discover a manner by which the interests of Shareholders, Board of Directors and other intrigue gatherings ie., stakeholders would all be able to be fulfilled. It is worried about the utilization of practices and methodology to assist the Company with achieving its goals. Public Limited companies now have to comply with codes of best practice and strict regulatory regimes. I provide general and company specific advice on corporate governance implementation.


Corporate Social Responsibility

I work with Companies as Corporate Social Responsibility [CSR] counselor for admonish on CSR suggestions, programs and their use with the mastery I picked up with community service projects and ventures of Non Government Organizations and not for profit outfits with "Service Above Self"adage.



As a prepared and veteran Facilitator on Communication Skills and Presentation Skills, I provide my services to help run progressively compelling meetings and workshops in any type or organization. On the off chance that Company gatherings don't generally accomplish their destinations, at that point utilizing a facilitator like me might be the appropriate response. The facilitator is an unprejudiced session pioneer who structures the formal meetings be it Annual General Meeting or Board Meeting or for that matter any formal meeting or workshop or training or in-house event to empower all members to contribute while guaranteeing the predetermined business objectives are met.


Drafting & wetting documents

I have a style for composing, making, altering and wetting any general manuscript copy [ Legal/non-legitimate/specialized/Company Annual Reports ] consequently having an aptitude of wetting in a correct way. Company Directors who are required to sign and execute a few records throughout their business, have less time to get ready or experience draft content prepared by another person, yet by and large sign them ignoring suggestions contained in that. As a free outside expert, I invest energy to the task of drafting and wetting draft documents, make changes to the draft write-ups straightforward and bring-out advantages and disadvantages of demeanor with the goal that the Company and its officers would not confront future difficulties as signatories of such documents.



All my expertise is being utilized by Coroporates, Directors, Academicians, Professionals and so on., to get my eOpenions online on complex issues on Company Law systems and general management issues.