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Turning Points …

Entry and moving from one organization to another in quest of better career has been a magic thing in my life. Sometime when I look back where I started and how I migrated for best things to happen, it is always amazing to recollect the turning points in my career.

Maiden Job As Accounts Assistant:

After competition of graduation I increased my attempts to search for job opportunities as my friends started joining employment. Ultimately with my father recommendations, I got into a job with title Accounts Assistant to work in Accounts Department of an Electronic manufacturing Company with Japanese collaboration in its administrative office in Hyderabad and later transferred to its manufacturing facility at Patancheruvu about 25 Kilometers from Hyderabad all through  with a salary of Rupees Two Hundred Fifty per month + getting a matching amount from parents to get on with minimum living expenses.


♦  Having knowledge about my experiences in Media, the Company management entrusted me to co-ordinate with and take care of Media persons who were invited to cover the inaugural function of the Company manufacturing facilities which was graced by Shri Marri Chenna Reddy, the then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh as its Chief Guest. A wide coverage on print media and All India Radio was given to this function and this newly set up industry.

♦ In addition to picking up Accounting knowledge, I was delighted, when my employer used my skill for two years working in this Company in the areas of my interest where I could prove my mettle in Public Relations with media as well as with the Japanese Technicians and their language interpreters.

Next Best Job As Commercial Executive:

I switched over to an Electric conductors manufacturing unit in Balanagar Industrial Estate in Hyderabad with a condition to tour for followup with customers for collection of bills. Though salary was slight higher than earlier employment + tour incentives, I continued to depend on  matching amount from my parents to get on with cost of  living.  After few months of my settling in this organization, management transferred me to its unit under construction in Virudachalam Industrial town in Tamilnadu State for liaison with various authorities to set up full fledged manufacturing of Electric conductors with ceramic at cheaper cost.


♦ Learnt working with out working knowledge of Tamil Language.

♦ Living in unbearable conditions in the  factory construction on outskirts of the town

♦My living conditions like this for about 6 months in this place, generated a keenness in me to resume pursuing Company Secretaryship professional course which was neglected by me in a quest to get into some job or other. 

♦ After I narrated  about  my job-hardships, living conditions and insufficient pay, my father advised me to resign and come back to Home town Vijayawada, with a condition that I must concentrate on study till professional qualification is acquired, for which I agreed and resigned this job and headed towards new mission.

Stopgap Career In Andhra Bank:

While I was seriously preparing for professional Company Secretaryship Final examinations in 1981, I received an appointment letter from the Banking Services Recruitment Board [ BSRB ]in response to the written and oral tests conducted two years back. BSRB communicated that I was selected and posted as Clerk cum Casier in the public sector Andhra Bank in its rural branch in a village Kamavarpukota on way between Eluru to Jangareddygudem towns in West Godavari District in Andhra Pradesh which is about 100 Kms from my home town Vijayawada. At the advise of my father, I joined Andhra Bank to gain experience and as a stopgap career before I settle as a qualified professional as Company Secretary. After a two year stint of service, I was transferred, at my request to a semi-urban branch of Andhra Bank called Gannavaram near Vijayawada Airport. In all I served the Bank for five years before my switching over to career as Company Secretary.


♦ Being bachelor working in a village that too living with self-cooking in a rented house carved me to be more self-reliant.

♦With more time at my disposal after banking hours, I could concentrate on my mission to thoroughly prepare and complete Company Secretary course.

♦ I have excelled in my Academics by clearing in first attempt the Part 1 and Part 2 examinations of CAIIB [ Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers] which is open only for employees working in Banks. Andhra bank recognized me by publishing this achievement in its House journal and rewarded me with additional increments. More so I acquired a recognized qualification CAIIB  I am using in my Business card.

♦ Here also I could create few broadcasts on All India Radio projecting ongoing lending schemes of Andhra Bank be it at branch level or Regional level. My contribution helped me to get myself transferred to a semi urban branch adjoining my Hometown Vijayawada.


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