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Let's make your 
content awesome together.

I'm a published author with plenty of experience as an independent writing specialist. 


I specialize in English content examining (Beta reading), reviewing, and rewriting. My goal is to beta read, study, and give you feedback on your work.


I've sharpened my writing and altering abilities. How? After 35 years of experience involvement in instructing, preparing, and composing. 


I never expected COVID-19 to transform my professional skills in such a dramatic way. Along with all the hazards and obstacles, COVID has given me my "me-time," which I value. As a result of the pandemic, I am cut off from my clients all over the world. The successive lockdowns gave me time to put up my online services. A few freelancing platforms caught my attention. 


There are now more services I offer on the internet, and they include a Linkedin profile makeover. They have been well-received, with ratings that range from 4.9-5.0/5 and many positive reviews.


But now I am offering the same services through my self-managed website with more perks for users. After beta-reading your content, I will also give you writing advice and edit your work for you. This will make your content better.


My pointers on your writing will help you refine the content that works for you. 

At the moment, I offer three different services:
1. Read _ Review _ Rewrite any written material (English)
2. Review_ Rewrite _ Renovate your LinkedIn Profile
3. Setup and supercharge LinkedIn Company Page for your business. 

Depending on your needs and budget, you may pick from a variety of tiers for each of these services. I can offer a quick fix or a comprehensive solution.

Want to give your content a boost?  Are you looking for practical advice on how to make your writing stand out? Send your work to me!

Which solution best describes your requirements? Choose one of the options below.
Read _ Review _ Rewrite 
any written material (English)

Before distribution or usage, written communication should be justified, clear, and error-free.

To maintain your trustworthiness, all written material must have ideal terms.

All you need is a fresh set of eyes to spot obvious errors.

Working with people and organizations for over 35 years, I have read, revised, and reviewed countless original English copies on many subjects and genres.


I know what readers want, and will give it to you! I can be the new eyes.

It includes my First impressions, Second opinion, Critique, Feedback, and Recommendations in an MS word file under THREE plans.

LinkedIn Profile
Review_ Rewrite _ Renovate

An amazing LinkedIn profile is as important as having a strong resume.


A profile on LinkedIn is something beyond your resume, it's your method of sharing your story with the world! 

After I review, rewrite, and renovate your Linkedin profile, it features your worth, uncovers your significance, conveys credibility, and enables you to position yourself for new opportunities. 

Being a veteran professional, I carry my expertise to help buyers like you reach their goals. 

I invest wholeheartedly in changing your LinkedIn profile from great to extraordinary.

I'm keen to work with you! 

Setup and supercharge 
LinkedIn Company Page 

A LinkedIn company/business page is an online "business persona" once created. It tells your company's story. 

Any type of business, any size, and any structure can have a LinkedIn Company Page. It helps you to brand yourself and your business.  


It also defines your company's social media and marketing strategy. 

I'll create, launch, and boost your LinkedIn Company Page. Conceive an eye-catching profile picture. Recommend suitable cover photo, and logo. Add showcase (product / service) pages. Then I'll tweak it to fit your company's needs. 

Go to the next level with your business.

Featured Testimonials

Content Editin Services #2 &3- Linkedin Profile / Linkedin Company Page Optimization

This service (LinkedIn Profile Review_ Rewrite _ Renovate ) will benefit all mid to senior level people, especially those in IT.

-»kmkarthik85 ǁ PAGA Certified Lead System Architect ǁ Singapore ǁ  [F2_01]

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