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Editin Service#1M


Time and money can be saved by creating effective meeting minutes. A record that can be used later for follow-up activities is a set of concise minutes that accurately describe the meeting's goal and agreed-upon outcomes.


The best minutes are brief and to the point, while also including all necessary details.

Make meeting minutes better

The purpose of this Meeting Minutes Makeover package is to reduce the time and effort required to create meeting minutes. The draft minutes that were made must also be rewritten, and the content must be laid out in a logical way with subheadings for each item on the agenda. So, the final minutes document is ready to be used and shared, and it can also be kept for a variety of future uses.


The stages involved in this service are as follows:

  1. Initiation: Please provide me your meeting minutes in MS Word format, including any drafts or discussion points.

  2. Development & review: I create a draft and email it to you in an editable MS Word file so you may examine and refine it.

  3. Print: Several countries have laws requiring the upkeep of meeting minutes books. I prepare loose-leaf copies of the approved minutes and transmit them to you for final approval. They can be quickly placed in a loose-leaf binder or kept in a spiral ring file so that they can be periodically bound into books, say once every two years.

  4. Digitalization: I agree to create a pdf file from each meeting's minutes. Additionally, I add a watermark to each page to prevent unauthorized use. Even if the meeting minutes book is kept physically, maintaining digital copies of the minutes is always the best alternative. The interests of both individuals and organizations are protected by storing the meeting minutes in a digital locker.


Make sure you've read the price options, commonly asked questions (FAQs) listed below before continuing to the checkout for payment.


Please take the following steps:

  1. Read my answers to the frequently asked questions (FAQs) given below. If required press the button: Do you need any other clarifications? Let’s chat !

  2. Go over all of the pricing options (bottom part). To learn more about each bundle, click the Select button to go to the sale page. NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO ORDER

  3. Return to this window, however, to fill up and submit the "E#1 (A?M) Prerequisites Checklist before ordering."

​I'll go through your needs and give a recommendation for the most appropriate package. I may even provide you a customized quote based on your specific requirements. More importantly, I am quick to respond and can tell you whether or not your written material is fit for this service. 

Let's get to work!

E#1 (A/M) Prerequisites Checklist before ordering

Please fill out this form as best you can so I can recommend you with the most relevant service package on
Your submission of this Form also helps me to  tell you whether your written material content fit into this service or not.

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Thanks for submitting E#1 (A/M) Prerequisites Checklist before ordering.I'll send you a reply shortly.

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