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Editin Service#2

Linkedin Profile

Aspire Linkedin:

When I first created my LinkedIn profile in 2007, I filled in the blanks with basic information, just as we would for a résumé. My Linkedin link has not been shared with anyone. At the time, I was a corporate consultant. In my first email, a potential customer insisted on a Linkedin link. After seeing him speak, I realized my LinkedIn profile did not adequately reflect my skills he was looking for.

That's when I realized that updating my Linkedin profile is as vital as posting. During these 15+ years, I mastered the Linkedin profile improvement procedure. For over a decade, I've helped hundreds of students, executives, professionals, and clients around the world tell their narrative, construct a powerful professional brand.

I introduced the Linkedin profile makeover to my range of services a few years ago. I used to provide this service through freelancer platforms online, but I now migrated to my own website to provide users with more perks.

I must emphasize that I am not affiliated with or endorsed by LinkedIn, but I do value their service!

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Better Linkedin
Writing about yourself is not easy, regardless of who you are or what you do.

I often hear from job seekers to seasoned professionals. "I can... talk on many topics, manage complex projects, lead amazing teams... but write about myself?"  "NO WAY!"


Who has time to get down and complete their own LinkedIn profile? Perhaps this is why so many LinkedIn profiles are either opened just to have a profile online presence or contain outdated information or are poorly structured.


You're well aware that people are searching for your information on the internet. Your LinkedIn profile is your digital introduction and initial impression to the rest of the world.

If your LinkedIn profile is lacking in detail and professionalism, you are missing out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. So don't ignore it, but look after it! Because, LinkedIn is the largest PROFESSIONAL social networking site in the world... and it's where people go to learn about you, your worth, and your reach.

Linkedin Up: 

I've reviewed, changed, and analyzed countless personal profiles in my 35 years of working with people and organizations. I know what readers are looking for, and I'll share that knowledge with you! I'm willing to be that new set of eyes.

With this Editing Service#2, I'd like to give you my expertise in the following areas:

  1. Review: I examine your LinkedIn profile to determine what it now has, what it requires, and how it should be improved.

  2. Rewrite: I take a professional approach to rewriting the major components of your LinkedIn profile, moulding it to stand out from the crowd and impressing anyone who reads it.

  3. Renovate: I re-structure, beginning with the Headliner, head shot [picture], About section, and other elements that requires revamping as per your latest CV.

Get Ahead With Linkedin Profile

Please see the list of frequently asked questions (FAQs)  and my answers given below. If necessary, press the following button: Do you need any other clarifications? Let’s chat !

Examine all of your pricing choices (bottom part). To discover more about each bundle, go to the sale page by clicking the Select button. DON'T ORDER YET.


Return to this window, however, to complete the "E#2 Linkedin Profile Pre-requisites Checklist" and submit it.

I'll assess your needs and offer the best package for you. I may even tailor a quote to your exact needs. And I can start a conversation quickly.

Let's get to work!

Let's get to work!

E#2 Linkedin Profile
Pre-requisites Checklist 

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