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  • 1. What genres will you beta read, review and rewrite?"
    I view myself as a generalist in the sense that I have worked on every type of content possible. I can beta-read, review and rewrite any genre.
  • 2. What is your involvement in content reviews?
    I have been dealing with diverse manuscripts for over 35 years helping many customers as I have been recognized for my mastery and educational background. I will beta-read your manuscript and give you a point by point constructive review from the viewpoint of an experienced critic.
  • 3. Would you be able to name some previous tasks taken care of by you for people?
    Non-fiction texts, school/college essays, technical documents, authoritative reports, blog posts, biographies, official memos, short stories, marketing emails, brochures, kindle books, web content, Linkedin profiles, Wills, Family Memorandum Of Understandings, and so on.
  • 4. What sort of tasks you have undertaken for Corporates / LLPs / Trusts / Associations / NGOs?
    Constitution records, Affidavits, Power Or Attorneys, Project Reports, Agreements with outsiders, Meeting Notices, Minutes of Meetings, Proceedings of key discussions, Joint-venture arrangements, Internal Notes, Disciplinary Action Reports, Enquiry reports so on and so forth.
  • 5. Do you review UK English or American English or Australia English or India English composed works?
    All introductions of English are welcome. I'm free to peruse and review the English of any country. I'm completely versatile to any country's English variety without any problem.
  • 6. Do you undertake books perusing and reviewing?
    Truly! I have been a self-published writer editing my book, softcover books, and Amazon Kindle books. Although I am knowledgeable altogether of other scholastic and expert styles, perusing and reviewing are my strongest areas.
  • 7. Do you re-appropriate or outsource?
    At the point when you work with me, you are hiring me to provide my years of experience, training, and English manuscript review knowledge. Over the years, I have been inquired as to whether I move my assignments to different vendors. I don't outsource.
  • 8. How would you handle specialized technical writing review works?
    I look for services of my Associates if there should be an occurrence of highly technical oriented scripts like Medical, Engineering, Scientific and so forth. Indeed, I physically read and review would be finalized by me independently before it is disposed of.
  • 9. Do you accept submissions that are in draft stages or incomplete?
    Yes. If it's not too much trouble, leave a message via chat / email if you are having specific issues with finishing the story and let me understand what genre you are writing. Do tell me what stage your work is in, so I can mull over this while perusing and looking into it.
  • 10. Do you give feedback on works that have already been published?
    Truly. I'm glad to give input on works that have just been published and distributed. My inputs may help you with future versions of your work.
  • 11. Do you provide proof-reading or editing as a part of this service?
    This Editin Service#1 does not include proofreading, copy editing or sentence structure revisions as this is NOT for line editing text but to give a review of written content.
  • 12. Do you add your research finding on my subject?
    No examination is done at my end. This service is carefully read and review of a source. Yet, I add my suggestions empowering you to fine-tune your content. I will also tell whether thorough professional re-writing is required.
  • 13. What file format would it be required for me to send for your reading and review?
    Microsoft Word is strongly preferred (doc or Docx). Alternatively Microsoft Windows Notepad file(.txt files). I can't work on PDF files or images. If the format is not stated here. Links to your works are also not acceptable to me.
  • 14. Why don’t you accept links?
    I need to see precisely what you want me to read and review. There can't be any room for miscommunication or confusion. Providing a soft-file to me guarantees you get the thing you’re paying for. So DO NOT send me instructions to pull content from someplace.
  • 15. What is a Basic package?
    Basic package - Light review is done to uncover better focuses or insufficiencies. I will review and send the text to you in bullet points.
  • 16. What is a Standard package?
    Standard package - Modest review is done for assessing to check content is succinct, convincing, and informative. An expressive report on your written material will be provided to you in MS Word format. Partial re-writing is done wherever it is felt necessary
  • 17. What is the Premium package?
    Premium package - In-depth review - Top to bottom audit is done to give point by point report in MS Word file and separated into passages and titles. It contains master scrutinize input as necessary to polish your writing for the intended purpose and audience. Rewriting of the material is also done as per requirements.
  • 18. What are your concentrated points?
    I'll be focusing on: written material structure, content, style, language use, reader engagement, authenticity in the explanations, presentation of thoughts, and helpful notes. My master inputs help you to polish your writing for the intended purpose and to make your writing work sparkle!
  • 19. What are the components in your report under this Editin Service#1 ?
    All packages are covered with my: FIRST impressions on your already prepared written substance; the SECOND opinion on your written material; CRITIQUE on your script; FEEDBACK on your content; RECOMMENDATIONS on your writing work.
  • 20. How would I place an order?
    Purchase the level of package [ Basic / Standard / Premier ] fitting for your project. Select the number of words needed based on your word count in your writing content file being sent to me. You can add extras: (1) Extra Fast 1 Day Delivery or (2) Additional Revision or (3) Answer To Questions. Please send a message before placing an order to send customized offer.

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