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Are you ready to voice your thoughts and make your voice heard? Today, the 13th May 2024, when I exercised my right to vote in the General Elections for the House of People (Lok Sabha) 2024 in the Rajendranagar constituency, Hyderabad, India, I was reminded of the significant duty and advantage that come with being a voter. Since my initial participation in the electoral process during the 1977 Indian general elections in combined Andhra Pradesh, voting has transformed from a civic obligation into a personal dedication to influencing our democratic country's destiny.

A Lifelong Commitment to Voting:ย 

To me, voting is not just an option; it is an unwavering pledge. Since the time I turned 18, I have consistently exercised my right to vote in every election, fully aware of the importance of actively participating in the political process. This commitment has transformed into a personal tradition, serving as a ceremonial representation of my unwavering devotion to the ideas of democracy.

Empowering Voters Digitally:

The Election Commission of India's Systematic Voters' Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) initiative plays a crucial role in empowering voters through digital means by providing voter education and raising awareness. Users can take the pledge online by visiting the SVEEP website, I not only acknowledged this digital promise personally, but I also received a digital certificate that represents the government's recognition of my strong loyalty to the democratic process.

Pledging before or on Election Day serves a function that goes beyond the symbolic gesture itself. It is a pledge to regard Election Day not only as a day off but as a day of civic obligation, motivating people in my social circle to acknowledge the significance of exercising their right to vote and highlighting that it is not merely a privilege but a duty.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam's wisdom:

Advice from the late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam (former President of India ) : "Remember, for your progress, for your welfare, and for your happiness, never fail to cast your vote in elections." These words strike a deep chord with me as I get ready to cast my ballot. These words capture the fundamental nature of our democratic system, highlighting the crucial role that each voter plays in guiding the nation towards advancement and success.


With the ongoing general elections to the House of People (Lok Sabha) in 2024, or Andhara Pradesh state legislative assembly elections, it is crucial for us to remain steadfast in our dedication to the democratic process. Voting is not just a civic duty but also a personal commitment to contribute to the collective expression of the populace.

Display your achievement in voting by responding with a self-portrait or photograph captured at a designated selfie location organized by the Election Commission of India, in close proximity to your polling station.

Let us together commemorate our dedication to democracy!

Suryanarayana SV

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