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What is significance of Amazon Author Page? [8A]

If you search for my name on Amazon, you'll find my Author Page right there, usually right after my most recent book. In addition, all of my works may be found in one convenient location because Amazon invariably links references to my name to this website. Tell me what is significance of Amazon Author Page?

As an Author [ www.suryanarayana .com ] my answer is "I am discoverable!"

My Author Page is conspicuously included to anybody scanning for my name on Amazon, much of the time coming up second in list items, behind my latest title. Moreover, in light of the fact that Amazon consistently connects notices of my name to this page, perusers are urged to visit it to find the entirety of my books.

Past quests inside Amazon, my Amazon Author Page will regularly show toward the highest point of item records for perusers utilizing a general web search tool, for example, Google or Bing, to search for you or your titles.

Lookup & Follow my Author page on Amazon

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